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Custom Design * Limited Run * Boutique Panache

Old School Vibe / Old School Guys / Old School Service 

" Big cool factor & great build -

this guitar has Personality!"

Buyer: EarlyWilly

"...a true gentleman designing beautiful instruments."

Buyer: rudleydudley

" WOW! A wonderful instrument with huge vibe ! " 

 Buyer: ptslincoln

" Unbelievable guitar for the $ ! " Buyer: tzeager

   PTB Model Lines 



La CRESTA                  RODEO

ST                                       DLX

DLX GT                            KING

LITTLE JOE                  62/69

DLX CT                            DLX II P

ESQ                                  DLX II

                                         DLX LTD


PT  Summer  2023  Update


Break on Through to the other Side "

      Dear Friends Far and Wide, 


        Some New Guitars (finally) On The Way!

After many a summer we are back on track and excited to introduce several new prototype models from

our DYNAMIC line in the coming weeks. Stay tuned as we get the final touches dialed in and ready to post.  


Many thanks to everyone who has supported us since our humble beginnings in 2010.


                                                                  With best regards to guitars,  PT


Feel Free to shoot PT any questions @

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