CLASSIC Series :  "La CRESTA"   

Surf. Sand. Sunshine. Bikini's...
(Please email any other rad/retro beach adjectives you can think of...)

  "La CRESTA" ST / R                          "LA CRESTA" ST / M
   Rosewood fretboard                                    Maple fretboard
    Big Surf Blue                                                 Big Surf Blue

 "La CRESTA" GT DLX / R               "LA CRESTA" GT DLX / M
   Rosewood fretboard                                 Maple fretboard
    Zuma Sunset                                              Zuma Sunset 

      Big open twang. A rockin' whammy. Humbucker and split-coil tones that'll melt the wax off a long board. 
Inspired by the sun, sea and cresting waves of big California surf, this guitar was designed for nothing but fun.                                                                           And maybe a chorus or two of Misirlou.