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Vintage Groove designs Uncle Leo never quite made...
but so many of us wish he had. 

Concept 32-B 

          After several years searching in vain hoping to stumble onto a T-style Thinline guitar with just the perfect

combination of“1962 Custom" meets "1969 Thinline” features and then some, I finally decided to “spec” it out myself.

Armed with 30+ years guitar playing experience along with professional product design and project management skills, in 2007 I contracted with suppliers, manufacturers and factories 'round the globe to craft my vision into reality. 

After countless hours working with CAD designers, non-stop "all-nighters" skyping and zooming with global suppliers, followed

by ongoing onsite meetings with factory quality control engineers and woodworking luthiers - and finally with an appreciative nod honoring the first twanging electric

guitar trailblazers and their signature sound - the first 12 Berger “Bakersfield” prototype guitars were born.

A dozen+ runs and 5+ factories later,

we're still moving forward

With subsequent runs, our original “Bakersfield” ‘62/’69 Prototype

design has been tweaked and expanded with numerous variations -

from our new Rodeo Series to the advanced AT archtop models to our

most recent addition of Dynamic Euro-Retro inspired thinline guitars. 

Small-batch limited run "boutique production"

With every new order, every new model, every new run, we're constantly trying to improve. All models are still painstakingly spec'd with very specific production direction and run as small-batch custom orders, usually no more than 24 of any one model at a time. 

It all gets down to playability, feel, tone -

and cool looks

This tightly controlled process creates a guitar several steps above similar pricepoint mass-produced import instruments. 

The small-batch focus offers more control and final

build-quality is impressive:  

* A well-balanced double-bound semi-hollow thinline body

with slightly deeper cutaway for enhanced upper fretboard access * Highly-figured woods with beautiful thincoat finishes * Smooth playing full-scale maple necks with bound rosewood, maple or ebony fingerboards * "Spec sheet specific" hardware * And perhaps most importantly, some extra mojo  mixed with unique personality.

A lot of hand time. And a little extra custom vibe.

PT Berger Guitars are designed, production directed and receive final assembly,

modifications and set-up at our small workshop in beautiful White Bear Lake Minnesota USA. A lot of "hand-time" goes into each guitar before it goes out the door.

Initiai manufacturing is currently being done in Ho Chi Minh City, South Vietnam, and Seoul, South Korea. We source raw materials, hardware and componentry Worldwide - USA; Korea; Vietnam; China; Indonesia, Czechoslovakia; Germany; France, Canada.  

We take pride in offering very nice "custom vibe" guitars and tight quality control at an exceptional value pricepoint.  We're all about being honest, enjoying life, making good music and new friends.

                                                     With best regards to guitars, 

                                                                        PT Berger

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