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Who We Are/Why Us

You must really be bored. 

(Just kiddin'. C'mon in.)

   Who We Are

Hi. PT here. 

Paul Thomas, if you're my mother, or if you just really needed to know. 

Thanks for checking out the website. The word "We" is used very broadly here, extending by association to include my part-time pro assembly/set-up associate, a twice-a-month bookkeeper, a kid who helps me put together my shipping boxes, and two shop dogs. 

I also have an F-Troop style group of old dear friends who like to drop by unannounced at any time of day, for a morning coffee or afternoon beer. But you've already surmised how much help they are. 

I do work very closely with my multiple suppliers and factory reps, day and night, believe me, but for the most part they're on the other side of the globe, or at least not in beautiful White Bear Lake, Minnesota USA. I do go visit them every so often.

So, as much as some guys might like to think they're dealing with some big ass corporation, when you're contacting "Us" for support or questions, it's really pretty much just me.

Or Chumley. But maybe that's a good thing. What can I do for you? I'm always happy to talk guitars, and "we" have some really cool new models in the workshop right now. 

Hey look, there's one now:

Yes?/No?...The Real Deal on PT

Yes, no I am not a luthier, per say. So yes, no I don't personally handcarve my guitars.

And yes, no I don't sell bananas, either. 

But yes, yes I am a lifelong Guitar Maniac.  

So what do you do then, PT, while you're doing the do? Well, like any good creative director,

I stare out the window a lot. I talk to my dogs.

I look across our little pond at the big lake beyond. And I think. A lot. About guitars. I'm always envisioning guitars...the next coolest design... and then try to think what could be cooler than that. I then sketch them out, CAD design them and "spec" them down to every minute detail. Then I sweat and slave and fret over every one of these details every step of the way throughout production. My factory reps get

very tired of hearing from me. Constantly. It's actually not all fun and games. But if you can think up a better way to come up with the next coolest value-driven guitar ever, drop me a line. Who knows, there may be room for you at the next Monday morning staff meeting. That is, if you can get Henrietta to move over.

Monday morning Staff Meeting

Why Us?

That heading up there,

"Why Us?" was a default title

in the website design template when I started patching this new site together. But I thought, you know that's kind of a tough question, and instead of deleting it I left it there. 

And I thought about it.  

So...? Well sure, I could come up with some boring legit statement like ... "these are very well made guitars, thoughtfully designed, value driven and offered at an extremely competitive price point"... but what fun is that? 

Hopefully you'll surf around the rest of the site and come up with your own answer, as there is a good amount of

background content stuffed in between all the pretty guitar pix. But for the short 'n quick boom...well, Why Not? 

Why not simply for the cavalier fun of it?

Why not for the

contrarian adventure?

Why not for just Sticking it

to the Man?!

Yes, it is a bit "adventurous"

buying a guitar from a small start-up, small-batch under-the-radar

no-name brand, but for all the extra

bonus fun-on-the-cheap you'll have, the risk to you my friend is not all that great. You can also feel comforted knowing these guitars have already done most of their depreciating before they even leave the shop, on my dime. 

Here's one last Why Not...and OK I guess I will leave you with a little sales pitch: Try out any PTB guitar fully risk free for

7 days at your home with free return shipping. Or keep it, play it for a year and flip it if you don't still love it, you're not going to lose much.

(We've actually seen guys posting used Berger guitars

on ebay for twice what they paid for them. See Link )

But who knows, it might end up being one of your favorite guitars you've ever owned. 

Why Not?

With best regards to guitars, 


PS: And just to let you know,

as far as the whole "PTsunami Surfer Dude theme" thing, I paid my dues. Wet suit, Christmas morning, Nichols Canyon break. Been there. Nine years in a row, a long time ago. Actually, surfing ruined my life. 

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