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Whole Lotta Love. Verses a Whole Lotta Guitars. 

PT's One Page Marketing Summary & Mission Statement

Market Challenge

There certainly are a Whole Lotta Guitars out there. 

And to start, yes, there are also certainly better guitars out there as well.

I know, because over some 40 years I've played most all of them, from 1950's

Holy Grails to the latest greatest $50K+ modern masterpieces at many NAMM 'Shows. 

But the perceived way better guitars are also way more expensive. And sometimes, for only marginally better ultimate results (1959 Les Paul notwithstanding.)

Conversely, there are also loads of mass-produced value-driven commodity guitars

in our oversaturated guitar market, covering the walls of big box music stores like

canned goods at a supermarket. Mostly decent enough guitars ... but so bland,

cookie-cutter and lacking in any real unique personality. 

So, perhaps here we find our unanswered market opportunity and unfilled niche.

Marketing Strategy

Vintage Groove designs Uncle Leo never quite made...but so many of us wish he had.

Our strategy focuses on two benefits in reaching our goal: 

1. Product Benefit: Uniquely designed, uniquely feature-rich guitars produced in tightly controlled small-batch runs,

offering a product several notches above similar price-point but mass-production competitors. Along with some personality.

2. Consumer Benefit: Rediscovering the excitement, joy and pride of playing a Vintage Groove instrument

with a unique personality - while feeling elated about the purchase. 

Target Audience 

Lifelong Guitar Maniacs. 

In other PT. Yours, truly. And if you're like me, you're been playing guitar for quite a while (like maybe most your life), have owned lots of cool guitars along the way (and regret selling a few!), love the aesthetics and vibe

of vintage electric guitars but don't necessarily feel like tying up a huge chunk of liquidity in an instrument simply because it's now "vintage" and collectible, but otherwise have come to appreciate what makes a fine playing and sounding guitar (regardless of age, price, origin or name on the headstock.) 


It doesn't have to be from the 1950's or '60's. It only has to sort of seem like it.  

By creating a feature-rich combination of vintage design and modern componentry that the major brands are unable to achieve,

an open space in the market between premium-priced instruments and mass-produced guitars will be filled that addresses

the original pure enjoyment and excitement of first playing the electric guitar, all over again.

Mission Statement 

To offer the knowledgeable "seasoned" electric guitarist a unique niche - The Small Batch Boutique Production Guitar -

bringing together a high-end mix of modern features with Vintage Groove styling at a comfortable lower-than-expected price point.

In Conclusion

"I design guitars I like. And if you like what I like, you'll like them, too. " PT 

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