Inside PTB
(Not as gnarly as it sounds.)

About Us

What's not to love? Who "We" Are & Why Us?

All your most burning questions answered.


Find out all about the long strange trip it's been...  

that began with a futile search for the ideal combination 

of thinline features and ended up draining the entire 

retirement savings account.

Mission Statement 

PT's One Page Executive Summary & Mission Statement

(best enjoyed with a snifter of brandy.)

What "Small Batch Boutique"  Is all about

Calling ourselves "Tiny" might be an overstatement. 

We squeeze our very limited custom orders in between 

the huge productions of the big name big box brands.

"Where are your guitars made?"

Short answer: Not in Nashville. 

Warehouse Pix

Jammed, cramped, thank you ma'am, our tiny workshop/ warehouse is currently packed to the max. Running as lean 

as possible keeps overhead costs way down and our prices for you as low as possible. (Gosh, almost sounds sales pitchey.)

Tour of Vietnam

Pix of our recent visit to Ho Chi Minh City 

and factory tour of one of our suppliers at

the Master Guitar Guild of Old Saigon.

France Guitar Show

Our French friends Sylvain and Thierry have hosted the 

PT Berger Guitars booth for two years in a row at the 

Annual Salon International de la Lutherie in Montpellier.