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DYNAMIC (Dee-Nah-Meek) Model Line

Retro Euro Groove with a Modern Twist, Shaken and Stirred


Metropolitain VSB

"Cordovan" Vintage Sunburst

Metropolitain GT

Classic Gold Top


Caravan VOS

Vintage Orange Satin

Caravan GTS

Gold Top Satin

    In the USA, the Golden Era of modern guitar design is usually considered the 1950's. And as often has been the case in history,

Europe came before. Guitars being created in France, Italy, Sweden, Spain and elsewhere in Europe in the 1930's were revolutionary

in concept, design and sound projection, laying the foundation for new techniques and new ways of envisioning the modern steel-string guitar, Our new DYNAMIC Series of guitars are inspired by these early visionaries, both in original thinking and stylistic design.

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