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Thinline Acoustic/Electric 27-Fret Satin Goldtop Slot-Neck Gypsy Guitar? 

Sure, we have one of those. 


Contrarian New Hybrid Design for the Modern Gypsy in All of Us ( and All of Me )

Ergonomically designed for balance and featuring a wide open cutaway for complete access over entire ebony fingerboard.

Gypsy guitarists love to play high. High on the fretboard, that is. So when even 24 frets are not enough, perhaps 27 will do. 

A steeply pitched neck angle brings greatly amplified pressure down on the solid spruce top

for amazing Gypsy-toned projection from a slim thinline guitar. The unique violin-style sound post

reinforces structural dynamics and further enhances volume and response. 

PTB Custom Design SR Neck Heel design allows smooth effortless transition into the upper regions of the extended fretboard.

Classic Goldtop finish and 1950's-style Keystone tuners enhance modern design with a unique vintage vibe.

Dual Vibration-Sensing Piezo Pickup System installed in the adjustable floating bridge highlights Caravan's natural acoustic ambiance, while side mount EQ Controller with built-in Chromatic Tuner offers quick and easy adjustments in any situation. Battery access door in bottom jack unit makes it simple to switch out batteries (2 coin-shaped DL2032's).




Custom Design Thinline Cutaway Hollow Body with Offset Sound Hole

Solid Spruce Top with Violin Sound Post, Mahogany Back and Sides

PTB Proprietary SR Neck Heel Design for Enhanced Upper Fretboard Playability

7-Layer Multiply Binding, Double-bound Front & Back

GTS "Gold Top Satin" Thincoat finish


One-piece Hard Maple with Matching Satin Thincoat Finish

Extended-Scale 27-fret Ebony fingerboard with Cantilever Extension

Double-line fingerboard binding with Abalone dot inlays

Open Slot Angled Headstock Design


Gold Hardware

Classic Keystone Button Slot Head Tuners

Rosewood Adjustable Floating Bridge

VR AC320 Piezo Pickup System with Side Mount EQ Controller

Built-in Chromatic Tuner

Standard 1/4" Side Jack with Battery Door Access

Traditional Gypsy Manouche Tailpiece with Pearl Insert


Strung with Philippe Bosset/Paris Jazz Manouche

10-45 Light/Medium Tension

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