Our #1 inquiry: 
here are your guitars made?"

We could have said the Milky Way
but wanted to be as specific as possible. 

 The oval label inside our guitars says "A Y3K Production. Sourced and Engineered Worldwide." And how true this is. 

It's an amazing New World we live in, a Global Community interconnected in myriad ways undreamed of even two decades ago. 
Shared technologies have greatly raised manufacturing and quality standards Worldwide and enabled a wonderful  blending of traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques - and that works exceptionally well for making Guitars. 

OK wise guy. So ... Where On Earth are PT Berger Guitars Made?


      Suppliers & Factories 2020

           Countries of Origin

Woods                        Guitar Bodies

USA                             Vietnam

Mayalsia                      China

Vietnam                       Korea

China                           USA 


Canada                        Guitar Necks


Hardware                     Vietnam

USA                              Mexico 


Vietnam                        Electronics

China                             Korea

Germany                       Vietnam

France                           USA

Primary manufacturing is currently being performed in Seoul, South Korea and Ho Chi Minh City, South Vietnam.

A small number of custom ordered bodies are being hand made in Wolf Trap, Maryland USA.

Final assembly, modifications and set-up are completed at our small workshop near St. Paul, Minnesota USA.

Guitars shipped to France are assembled, adjusted, modified and set-up by our distributor in Languedoc, France.

PT realizing that loose screw must have come 

from under his beret

Bernie the Wiring Guru, installing push/pull split-coil pots at 
our home workshop along the shores of White Bear Lake. MN
PT's Comment of the Day

As an aside...it's kind'funny, after 100's of sales, we have yet to sell a single guitar to anyone who's first and ONLY question is 
"Where are your guitars made?" When I politely reply our initial CNC parts usually originate in "Asia" or "Korea" I never hear from them again, or I'll receive a smarty ass reply such as "Thought So!" as if they were some amazing Sherlock Holmes prodigy, and then I still never hear from them again. I sometimes wonder...with our amazing value-added feature-rich package and low price-point, where did they THINK they were from...Nashville? Memphis? Circle Pines Minnesota? Not. In our Brave New Modern World, it seems more often if a legit player likes a guitar - if it plays great, sounds great and looks cool - they'll simply shrug "what difference does it make?" and then play the hell out of the thing. I believe people either get it ...or don't want to get it and would rather just leave a smarty ass comment. But I'm OK with that. I'm still having fun either way - and I hope you're having another great day. too!       
                                                                                                                                                                                Keep on rockin'   - PT