Classic Series : "BAKERSFIELD" '62/69 DeLUXE LTD

New edition next production new factory 
prototype Level III initial small batch run.

(At least, that's how it was explained on the invoice.)

"LTD" ... as in "Limited" ? 
Now there's an overstatement. 

You have no idea. But to be honest, neither do we. 
If we really dug around the warehouse,  we're talking  7 or 8 total left, maybe, I think.

The "Bakersfield " 62/69 DeLuxe LTD features beautiful Bookmatched Flame Maple Tops AND Backs.

Double-line binding on Maple or Rosewood fretboards with colorful Abalone inlays.

Only Twelve "next-edition" prototype '62/69 DeLuxe's were originally made. Really impressive, way-higher-than average workmanship and Custom Shop quality Woods - especially on some of the crazy flamed-out one-piece maple necks. 

But there were also a few issues that needed to be worked out:  some electronics kinks... and some spotty binding work. 
So, relegated to the back of our already crammed warehouse for an indeterminate period of time pending further review, 
PT jettisoned off to far flung reaches of the globe in search of new vistas of opportunity, 
for an indeterminate period of time.  

Now, over a year on, these NOS "Factory D" DeLuxes are finally getting a revisit, an overhaul and a really good set-up.
If you're picky there's still some less-than-perfect binding work here and there, but Gawd this particular Small Batch Run 
of guitars is otherwise truly exceptional ... Tight+ build, awesome wood front & back, super nice necks and legit killer tone. 




Classic Thinline Semi-hollow Cutaway Body with Single F-hole 

Bookmatched Flame-Maple Laminate Construction Front & Back

Traditional 4-Bolt Neck Heel Plate Attachment
Multiply Binding, Double-bound Front & Back with Bound F-hole

White Pearloid Hybrid Pickguard
"Vintage Ice-Tea" Sunburst Thincoat finish with Matching Headstock


One-piece Figured Hard Maple with Classic "Skunk Stripe" inset
Full-scale (25.5") 22-fret Maple or Rosewood fingerboard
Double-line fingerboard binding with Abalone dot inlays
1 11/16" Bone nut. 6130 medium frets
"Vintage C" neck profile 
Vintage-Tinted Thincoat Satin finish 


VR Pearloid 18-1 Ratio Tuners
VR Classic "Ashtray" Tailpiece with Top String-Through Loading
VintageVoice Wide Open Range Neck Humbucking Pickup 
Artec Dual-Blade Mini-Humbucking Bridge Pickup
Classic Control Plate with 3-Position Blade Switch