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"Unbelievable guitar for the $!"
       Buyer:  tzeager

"...a true gentleman designing beautiful instruments."                        Buyer: rudleydudley

"WOW! A wonderful instrument with huge vibe!"                                     Buyer: ptslincoln

"I won't take up space with BS, 

this man works magic with a guitar!"              Buyer: slick5715

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        2017 MODEL LINES

   La CRESTA                 RODEO
     ST                                      DLX
      DLX  GT                           KING
   LITTLE JOE                 62/69
      DLX  CT                           DLX II P
       ESQ                                  DLX II
                                                DLX LTD








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PT's  Monthly Update  [   August  ] :

1)  It sure has been hot and cramped around the shop here in muggy summertime Minnesota -
Time to move some overstock ! Check out the Summer Groove Sale prices on our Online store 

2)  Surf around the new website and dig the New Maple Fretboard option on many models

3)  We're offering $25 to anyone posting a youtube video playing their Berger Guitar - 
just send us the link and we'll shoot you $25 via Paypal - You're an instant Pro Musician!